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1976-01-11 ABBA record the first version of the 'Mamma Mia' performance for 'Top Of The Pops' with 'Swedish musicans only.

1976-01-12 A second version for TOPT of 'Mamma Mia', with Swedish and British musicians was recorded today. During this England trip, ABBA and Stig had contact with people from Australian broadcasting companies about recording a TV show in Australia coming March.

1976-01late 2 days of filming the 'Musikladen' special with ten songs in Bremen. The 1975 recording of S.O.S. was added.

Honey Honey

Dancing Queen


1976-02-03/04  Filming promotion clip of 'Fernando'.
1976-02/03 Filming promotion clip of 'Dancing Queen' at Alexandra nightclub in Stockholm.

1976-02-15 Frida, Agnetha and others work on Tretow's 'Let's Boogie' album.

Frida, Agnetha, Karin Glenmark, Lena Anderson and Ted Gärdestad in the studio working on 'Let's Boogie'

1976-02-22 ABBA in France to perform 'Fernando' on Guy Lux' Système 2' in Monte Carlo.
1976-02-23 ABBA in France.
1976-02-24 ABBA in Paris to sing 'Fernando' on 'Midi-première'

1976-02-26 Work on Tretow's album 'Let's Boogie'
1976-02-28 ABBA on 'Disco'(West-Germany) with Mamma Mia. During a photo session in the studio of Bravo photographer Wolfgang Heilemann in Hamburg, he uses the reversed B as a joke. It became ABBA's official logo.

1976-03 Release single 'Fernando' - 'Hey Hey Helen'.
1976-03-04 ABBA arrive at Sydney airport for a promotional tour of Australia
1976-03-05 Press conference and gold record presentation, radio and TV interviews: Sydney Hilton Hotel. Interview and ‘Fernando’ clip shown on 'A Current Affair'.

1976-03-06 Hawkesbuny River cruise, barbecue and boomerang throwing/Sydney Harbour cruise/Taronga Zoo visit.

1976-03-07 Same programme as yesterday.

1976-03-08 ABBA travel to Melbourne. Appearance on 'The Don Lane Show', with ‘Fernando’.

1976-03-09 Return to Sydney. Filming at Channel 9 Studios, Artamon.
1976-03-10 Filming at Channel 9 Studios, Artamon. Filming on today and the 11th included work on the special, a performance of 'Mamma Mia on 'Bandstand',

ABBA on Bandstand

an appearance on 'Celebrity Squares', 

and filming of a special performance of 'Dancing Queen' for laterbroadcast.
1976-03-11 Filming at Channel 9 Studios, Arthamon continues.

1976-03-13 Back from Sydney to Stockholm.
1976-03-14 Back in Stockholm.
1976-03-23 Backing track of 'Ring It In', a working title of 'Number One', a working title of 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'.
1976-03-24 Backing track of 'Coachman's Farm', a working title of 'That's Me'.
1976-03-26 Backing tracks of 'Why Did Tt Have To Be Me' and 'Happy Hawaii'.

1976-04-05 ABBA present on Expressen's Annual Spring party in Stockholm

1976-04 ABBA in France to promote 'Fernando' on 'Ring Parade' and 'Midi-Première'.
1976-04-26 Backing track of 'Why Did It Have To Be Me, a working title of 'Hawaii', a working title of 'Happy Hawaii'

1976-05-14 Steel guitar overdubs added to 'Happy Hawaii'
1976-05-17 Backing track of 'Money, Money, Money'
1976-05-19 Rumor spread by German press: ABBA members killed in plane crash. Only Frida survived.
1976-05-24 Guitar overdubs for 'Happy Hawaii' and 'Knowing Me, Knowing You'.

1976-06-14 Backing track of 'Rio De Janeiro', a working title of 'When I Kissed The Teacher'.

Dress rehearsals

1976-07-19 Backing track of 'Funky Feet', I Am A Tiger', a working title of 'I' The Tiger', a working title of 'Tiger' and 'Dum Dum Diddle'.
1976-07-20 Continue working on backing track of 'Tiger'.
1976-07 Filming 'ABBA in Sweden' by an Australian film crew. ABBA are filmed and interviewed on their boat in the Stockholm harbour and several clips were filmed around Stockholm. The company also used footage from the 'Musikladen' special.

1976-08   5 TV-commercials for Japanese 'National' using 'Fernando' Rare footage of the making of the National commercials in the YouTube video below. The 'Making Of'footage.

At the Grand Hotel August 1876 At the Grand Hotel Stockholm

1976-08-13 The offical ABBA logo with the reversed first 'B' is born today.
1976-08-16 Release single 'Dancing Queen' - 'That's Me'.
1976-08-20 Backing track of 'My Love My Life'.
1976-08-21 At this time filming for the Swedish special 'ABBA DABBA DOO' had begun (video part 1, 2, 3, 4,5 and 6)
with 'Dum Dum Diddle' (Arrival costumes) and 'Why Did It Have To Be Me' (kimono costumes) live (filmed later in September). The special also contain 'KnowingMe, Knowing You' on a sailing boat, 'My Love My Life' (Agnetha only), the video 'When I Kissed The Teacher' in the class room the 20s costumes version of 'Money Money Money', 'Dancing Queen' , a nice video of 'Tiger' with ABBA in a car, driving through the city at night. Furthermore the scene in the songwriting cottage on the Viggsö island with Benny and Björn and seperate interviews with all four members.

1976-08-27 Backing track of 'Why Did It Have To Be Me'.
1976-08-30 String overdubs for 'My Love My Life' and the track 'Fiol', a working title of 'Arrival in Dalecarlia, a working title of 'Arrival' was recorded today.

ABBA signing autographes in amusement park Gröna Lund, Stockholm

1976-09/10 ABBA on Belgian TV with 'Fernando' and 'Dancing Queen' live.
1976-09-01 ABBA attend the premiere of Lass Berghagen's show at the Caberet Berns in Stockholm.
1976-09-03 Sax overdubs for 'Why Did It Have To Be Me'.

1976-09late Recording radio series with the separate ABBA members.
1976-09-29 The live recordings for the ABBA-DABBA-DOO special (Dum Dum Diddle and Why Did It Have To Be Me' were recorded today.


Stills from cartoon clips "Happy Havaii" and 'Money, Money, Money'


1976-10-02 A brief press conference for the presentation of the 'ABBA-DABBA-DOO' special takes place today.

1976-10-06 Agnetha arrives in Warsaw with her father and films 'S.O.S'. for the Polish special today. After that, there is time left to do some shopping. In the special we see Agnetha alone on the ground performing 'S.O.S.', while the rest of the group sing along on the plane.

1976-10-07 The rest of the group, including Stig, arrive in Warsaw, awaited by Agnetha at the airport.

Filming the special in Studio 2 performing 'Dancing Queen', 'My Love My Life' (kimono costumes), 'When I Kissed The Teacher' with a dancing audience, 'Knowing Me, Knowing You', 'Fernando', 'Tiger' (Arrival costumes), 'Money, Money, Money' and finally 'Fernando' again (both songs with the 20s constumes). Press conference afterwards.

1976-10-08 This morning, ABBA visit the tallest building of Warsaw: The Palace of Culture and Science and Warsaw's Old Town. At 3.30 pm ABBA leave on a plane.

ABBA in Warsaw

1976-10-09 Back in Stockholm.
1976-10-10 Promotional visit to the U.S for a period of 13 days.

1976-10-11. Release of LP 'Arrival' ABBA off to the US for a promotional visit of 13 days. 

They also perform on the 'Dinah Shore Show' with 'Fernando' wearing the blue satin jackets.

1976-10-18 ABBA from LA to Vancouver (Canada) doing two tv-shows. ABBA appear on the 'Wolfman Jack Show' singing 'Fernando' and 'Dancing Queen' in the kimono suits and 'SOS' in the blue satin jackets.

On the same day they performed 'Dancing Queen' and 'Fernando' on Neun At Night

1976-10-24 ABBA in Philadelphia to appear on the 'Mike Douglas' Show with 'Money, Money, Money' and 'Dancing Queen'. Björn and Agnetha return home to Stockholm, while the Benny and Frida travel back to New York.

Golden records for American sales of their Greatest Hits LP

1976-11 Benny and Frida move to the island of Lindingö during this month.
1976-11-01 Release single 'Money, Money, Money', 'Crazy world'.
1976-11-06 ABBA on 'Disco' (Germany) with 'Dancing Queen' (kimono costumes) and 'Money, Money, Money' (20scostumes).

1976-11-15 Four days of promotion in London start today. Departure from the airport from London to the press conference by the Thames by helicopter with 'ABBA' written on it. Afterwards, a party with the popscene is held on a boat on the Thames.
Here ABBA receive 32 golden, platinum and silver records out of the hands of BBC-deejay Simon Bates.

1976-11-16 ABBA on 'Top Of The Pops' with 'Dancing Queen'.
1976-11-16 Still on promotion tour in London. Appearances on the 'Swap Show', 'Young Nation', part 1 and 2

ABBA on the Basil Brush show

ABBA on "Young Nation"

1976-11-17 Still on promotion tour in London.

'Keep Britain Tidy', environmental campain

Commercials for Arrival filmed in London?
1976-11-18 Last day in London.
1976-11-19 ABBA on '1 Van De 8' Show Holland performing 'Money, Money, Money', and 'Why Did It Have To Be Me' live '(and 'Knowing Me Knowing You?).
ABBA arrive at Amsterdam Schiphol airport
1976-11-24 ABBA in Paris recording 'Money, Money, Money' and 'When I Kissed The Teacher' for the 'Les Rendez-vous du Dimanche' tv-show.

ABBA in Paris

1976-11late Rehearsals for the 1977 tour start at the 'Konserthuset' in Stockholm.


1976-12  ABBA filmed two performances 'Waterloo' and 'Fernando' in Sweden, especially for Spanish tv-show 'La noche de Lina Morgan'.